The Quantity Surveyor shall visit the site to acquaint himself with its nature and position, nature of ground sub-strata, access roads or any other limitations which may need to be incorporated in the preliminaries to help in pricing. The nature of the soil will guide the Quantity Surveyor on the likely depths of excavations if this will not have been provided by the Engineers.



The Quantity Surveyor shall liaise with other consults to prepare programme for the works.

The Quantity Surveyor shall prepare cost estimate from various alternatives prepared by the Architect using cost per square metre methods and advice on the costs of the alternatives and their implications. The Quantity Surveyor will further advice on the design Economies of the various designs.
The Quantity Surveyor will amend his estimate as necessitated by modification on sketches to arrive at an approved estimate for an approved scheme. This estimate, broken down elementary or sectional will constitute the clients budget to be adhered to throughout design and implementation.



The Quantity Surveyor will guide the design team in insuring adherence to client’s budget. Where in his opinion final design causes change to the budget, the Quantity Surveyor shall inform the Architect / client accordingly and if approved, amend the budget to reflect the new cost. The Quantity Surveyor shall collaborate with other consultants in preparation of timetable covering the consultancy work for preparation of tender documents and the overall programme of works.



The Quantity Surveyor will guide design team to ensure the client budget is adhered to at this stage. The Quantity Surveyor shall report any variance to the budget and have the same rectified or amended accordingly.

The Quantity Surveyor shall advice on the form of contract to be used and in particular the tendering method to be used taking cognizance of the uniqueness of the project to ensure good practice and responsive tenders for the project.
The Quantity Surveyor shall take out from drawings and prepare bills of quantities using the latest computer software to ensure accurate Quantities. Where drawings are not done by computers, the Quantity Surveyor shall use traditions methods to take off quantities.

The Quantity Surveyor shall prepare bills of quantities incorporating preliminaries, specifications and measured works. The bills of quantities shall tally with other consultants’ drawings and specifications. The preliminaries and specifications shall be drafted to reflect the uniqueness of the project/contract and to ensure best practices to obtain the most responsive tenders.

The Quantity Surveyor shall price the finished bills of quantities at current construction rates and compare with the budget. If there is a variance, the Quantity Surveyor shall immediately report and have it amended to conform with the budget or if approved amend the budget.



The Quantity Surveyor in consultation with the client and other consultants shall prepare list of tenderers. The Quantity Surveyor shall invite tenderers who shall be given a copy of bills of quantities to provide a price. The Quantity Surveyor shall advice the tenderers on the date and placed for opening the tenders.

On the tender opening date, the Quantity Surveyor shall provide a tender opening form to be filled. The Quantity Surveyor will then take the priced bills of Quantities, check for arithmetic errors and prepare a comprehensive report on the tenders taking cognizance of any arithmetic errors and the responsiveness of tenderers to the tender.

The Quantity Surveyor’s report shall be an appropriate guide to other consultants and the client in the choice of a contractor.

Once a contractor has been appointed, the Quantity Surveyor shall draw a contract document for the signature of the client and contractor.


The Quantity Surveyor shall: -
o Make periodic visits to site to survey work in progress, take particulars and prepare valuations for interim payments to the contractor in collaboration with other consultants.o Attend all site meetings to attend to Quantity Surveyor’s queries and pick out any variations that may occur.o The Quantity Surveyor shall measure all variations and provisional sum and give periodic reports on their financial implications to other consultants/client: where the client wants specific variations, the Quantity Surveyor shall cost and advice the client before hand so that the client makes informed decisions.o The Quantity Surveyor shall advice on all contractual matters.o The Quantity Surveyor shall examine, evaluate and report on contractor’s claims.



The Quantity Surveyor shall complete measurement and pricing of all provisional works and variations.o The Quantity Surveyor shall advice on any outstanding disputes with the contractor.

Having adjusted for all variations, provisional works and claims, the Quantity Surveyor shall prepare a “final account” which is a statement on the final cost of the project for approval of the Architect and for the signature of the client and contractor.

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